Roadside Safety Discs Review

Roadside Safety Discs PriceRoad Side Safety Discs – Keeping You Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

Having your car breakdown on the highway is awful enough. It can also be extremely dangerous. In the low light, cars travelling in excess of sixty miles an hour can cause devastating damage. Have you ever been driving down the highway and nearly smashed into someone that was broken down because you only saw them at the last moment? While you may have swerved out of the way in the nick of time, others aren’t so lucky. The best thing you can do for your own safety is to make sure everyone on the road knows there’s a broken-down vehicle where you are. That’s what Roadside Safety Discs are for. They’re lights that indicate a crash or break-down so drivers know to steer clear. If you’d like to know more, just keep reading, but if you’re ready to keep you and your family safe in the event of a breakdown, click any of the links on this page to order Tac1 Roadside Safety Discs right now!

The police and the fire department use flares when there’s an accident and for good reason. They let drivers know way ahead of time that there’s something in the road that they need to keep clear of to make sure everyone’s safe. The problem with flares is that they’re single use and if they go out or expire, you’re out of luck. 1Tac Roadside Safety Discs are longer lasting and can be used multiple times. When your breakdown is over, just collect them and leave. In our tactical Roadside Safety Discs review, we’ll tell you this product’s feature, price, and how to order them today!

1Tac Roadside Safety Discs

Roadside Safety Discs Specs

These are practically an essential device to have in any vehicle. They’re right there with jumper cables or a shovel if you live in snowy areas. Here are the Roadside Safety Discs specs:

  • Dimensions: 9 x 3.9 x 1.3 Inches
  • Weight:1 pounds
  • Power: 3 AAA Batteries
  • Light: 15 Ultra Bright LEDs

Roadside Safety Discs Features

These lights were designed with only one thing in mind: safety. Everything about them makes sure that you remain safe and secure during a break-down. Tactical1 Roadside Safety Discs have a number of features to make sure no one hits you while your vehicle is immobile:

  • Can Be Seen From 5,000+ Feet – This makes sure that oncoming drivers see you sooner and can shift lanes to avoid collision.
  • Ultra Durable – The 1Tac Roadside Safety Discs official site brags that these lights can withstand being run over by a truck, and let’s face it, they might get run over by a truck.
  • Waterproof – Because it might be raining.
  • Magnetic – So you can attach the lights to the car itself providing maximum visibility.
  • 13 Hour Run Time – Any way you slice that, the sun will come up before the light runs out on your discs.
  • 9 Flashing Modes – Choose the flash type that you believe will be most visible to oncoming drivers.
  • Floodlight – Use one of these lights to do a repair on the vehicle yourself if you so choose. They work as flashlights!

Roadside Safety Discs Instructions

These devices do come with a manual, but if you’d like to know how to use them ahead of time, we’re more than happy to tell you. Ideally, drive safe and make sure your vehicle is maintained. The best-case scenario is that you never actually have to use these… but accidents do happen. When you break down, carefully exit your vehicle, set each light to the flash you think will be most visible, and place them in an arc around your car so that drivers coming from behind you will be able to see them. Attach one Roadside Safety Disc LEDs to your vehicle using the magnet so drivers know exactly where the obstruction is. Wait for emergency services. You can also check out the insurance institute’s guide for car breakdown safety.

Roadside Safety Discs Price

These devices are INEXPENSIVE and COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE. If you order through the links on this site, the manufacturer will even give you $50 in reward coupons for businesses like Under Armour, Oakley, Nike, Dunkin’ Donuts, and more! The more LED Roadside Safety Discs you order, the cheaper they are. If you want to surround your vehicle with light, we recommend purchasing the multi-packs. Here is the pricing structure:

  1. 1 Disc @ $24/ea
  2. 2 Discs + 1 FREE @ $16/ea
  3. 3 Discs + 3 FREE @ $12/ea (Most Popular Option)
  4. 4 Discs + 5 FREE @ $10.66/ea
  5. 5 Discs + 7 FREE @ $10/ea

Roadside Safety Discs Summary

We can’t recommend these lights highly enough. As we said before, the best-case scenario is that you never actually have to use them, but this is one of those devices that you’d rather have and not need than need and not have. We can’t measure exactly what they could save you because they’re designed to prevent something from happening. If Roadside Safety Disc lights stop even one car from smashing into you, they’ve already saved you thousands in car repair, and maybe even your life. They are a must have. To order you Roadside Safety Discs today, click any of the links on this page, and you’ll go right to their order form.

If you know someone that might be interested in this product, don’t hesitate to send them this info using the social links at the top of the page. Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

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